A Weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland


You know what’s better than a long weekend? A surprise long weekend! Turns out Monday was a bank holiday and no one told us until Friday… So we got spontaneous and headed up to Belfast for a quick trip!

We bought our tickets laying in bed at 10, boarded our train at 12, and were sipping pints in Belfast by 3 – the perfect tiny vacation. We literally walked from the train station to our hotel, which took all of 10 minutes, and grabbed lunch in one of the stained glass laden rooms at the beautiful Crown Liquor Saloon.


We made our way to the Titanic Museum afterwards, but didn’t make it in time before closing. Instead, we made due with trekking around the building and wandering around the SS Nomadic, the ship that brought people aboard the Titanic back in 1911. While there, though, it struck me how ironic the Titanic Museum is in general… Let’s build a museum for a boat that worked once! Best worst boat ever!

That night we settled in for dinner at Sweet Afton, a brand new bar with awesome food and seriously novel drinks. Think goat cheese bon bons and flaming passion fruit cocktails. There’s an entire complex of eateries that just opened in central Belfast that all look amazing. We had a nightcap at Rita’s next door (which was great) and I definitely want to check out The Perch‘s rooftop bar next time we’re in town.

IMG_8345 (1)IMG_8405IMG_8364IMG_8359 (2)IMG_8393IMG_8399 (1)

We left the next morning after a quick bite at Yahi (their sweet potato coconut soup is to die for) and headed back to Dublin. Our trip was short, but really sweet and easy. Can’t wait to head back North sometime soon!



  • John Rochotte

    I was in The Crown in Belfast in 1994. This article shows 1886 as the founding date. This is incorrect. According to a brass plaque inside, The Crown dates from 1586. It is the oldest pub in Northern Ireland. I wish there were pictures of the booths / furniture. The painted window (first picture) is from inside this magnificently furnished & preserved Belfast icon. Thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory.


    • Maddie Brady

      Wow, I had no idea! That’s amazing. I remember eating in one of the booths when I was there – such a cool little spot. Thanks for pointing that out!

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