A Few Snapshots from Colorado

Boulder Colorado Mountain

Last week I was in Denver for work and got to tack on a weekend in Boulder to visit my dad and stepmom. I don’t travel a lot for work (unlike a lot of people) so it’s nice to be able to make an event of it when I do. My parents have been living half the time in Chicagoland and half the time in Boulder for a while now and are planning on setting up shop full time out there soon so they were happy to show me around. They know the good hiking spots and fun bars and it was such a treat to relax after a week of stressful presentations at customer sites.

I worked remotely on Friday, but we still managed to get a great hike in at lunch at Chautauqua Park complete with picnic and perfect weather. It was great to get outdoors in the middle of day – I might try going for a walk before lunch now that I’m back in the office. It’s always good to remind yourself there’s an outside world, right?

The rest of the weekend was grilling and hiking and drinking beer and damn did it feel good. I also got to meet up with my friend, Emily, who is going to grad school in Colorado – I hadn’t seen her in a year so it felt extra special!

I didn’t bring my nice camera since I was packing light for work, but I wanted to share a few snaps from the weekend. Lots of nature and chill weekend vibes. I also shared some of my favorite local spots below, in case you’re curious. Enjoy!

Chautauqua Park

A few places I loved around town:

Spruce Confections – I’ve been here for coffee and pastries a couple of times now and it’s delicious. Great iced coffee and creamy cheese danish is my weakness.

West End Tavern – We had dinner here on Saturday night and I loved their BBQ brisket and chill local vibes. They also have great bourbon cocktails (and I’m not a bourbon fan) so I was pretty happy.

Walrus Saloon – My friends and I left the parents behind for this spot at the suggestion of a couple of CU kids I cornered on Pearl Street. It was your typical college bar, but I’m a sucker for an open dance floor and $4 drinks.

Walnut Cafe – After a night out on the town we were in desperate need of a good brunch. We whiled away the wait reading the most well thought out horoscopes in the local paper and chowed down on Belgium waffles, fresh fruit, bacon, and quesadillas. Really nice staff and super cute spot.

Red Rocks – Technically this spot is closer to Denver, but it’s honestly the coolest place to catch a concert. I had low expectations when my dad got us tickets to see someone called Trombone Shorty, but we actually had the best time! Gorgeous views and funky tunes all around.


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