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New City, Who Dis? April Resolutions 2018

Resolutions from March

First up, I’m recapping my resolutions from last month and checking in on how they went and whether or not I’ll be bringing them back for April…

Read more. I’ve had like a couple good spurts this month: I read Everything I Never Told You at the beginning of the month and am making my way through Call Me By Your Name pretty quickly now. All it took was like an hour here and an hour there, but once I finish a book I dawdle getting to the next one. I made a GoodReads account, so maybe tracking books and looking out for new ones will help me be more motivated? Still chipping away at this one!

Write about what I’m passionate about. I did this! Or at least I’m getting there. I definitely feel like I’m starting to get a clearer sense of what I want to talk about and am giving myself the time to actually write about it. I was particularly nervous writing about leaving my recent job, but I felt like it was important to put it out there and the responses I’ve gotten have been super supportive and heartwarming. It’s so nice to know that others can tell when I’m writing something that means a lot to me.

Go on walks. I have walked a good bit this month, but I haven’t been as intentional as I want to be about it. I do a lot of walking now that I’m Chicago – to the train, with the dog, out to dinner – so like it still counts, but I think I want to narrow down this resolution and make walking a part of my morning routine. I think getting my ass out of bed and out of my house earlier will help me be more productive.

Try something new. I actually found it hard enough to stick to my normal schedule this month that I didn’t really feel the need to try something new – life has felt new enough as it is! With that said, though, going on vacation with friends was sort of a new experience and now that I’m in Chicago I’m doing new things left and right, so I feel like I have successfully shaken off my wine-and-Netflix nights for a while, which was the point.


Resolutions for April

Go on morning walks. I’m not a morning person, so it typically takes me forever to leave the house if I don’t have to be somewhere – and it doesn’t help that the weather has been miserable (spring, where are you?!). But I’ve noticed the days I do get out early in the day are the days I feel the most productive. My goal this month is to get outside before 10am Monday through Friday. I’m hoping it will give me more purpose in the morning and get my blood flowing a little bit. We shall see.

Find a fitness studio. One of the things that I already miss about Madison is the fitness studio I had there. It was super close to my apartment, affordable (with a corporate discount), and I loved their variety of hot yoga and HIIT classes. Now that I’m in Chicago, I don’t want to get out of the habit of getting to class so I’m already on the prowl for a new fitness studio. Searching for: a variety of yoga and cardio classes, not crazy expensive, in the South Loop, and overall has a fun, positive vibe. Just went to my first class this afternoon!

Get back to Church. I haven’t really mentioned religion much on the blog, but I actually am pretty into the whole church thing. I honestly just feel like my best self when I go to church on a regular basis. I went on Easter and just felt so good after! I think it helps keep things in perspective for me. I’m looking for a pretty large, diverse congregation that’s in the Loop area – there are a few on my list, so hopefully I find one that clicks.

Take advantage of Chicago. I don’t know why, but moving back to Chicago has felt more intimidating this time than in previous years. I don’t know if it’s because it feels more permanent or I got used to living in little ol’ Madison, but I want to push myself to get out and see more of the city. I find myself going to a lot of the same places in my neighborhood, so I want explore other parts of the city and enjoy being 25 in Chicago!


I think that’s where I’m going to leave it this month – I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew since I’m still adjusting to things. I have discovered that even though I like new things and like to think I’m a pretty adventurous person, I take forever to adjust to change. Like I just started to feel at home in Madison when I decided to leave and I lived there for 18 months!

I’m excited for this month, though! I think it’s going to be tough and existential at times, but I think good stuff is ahead and I’m glad to finally have some roots down to start figuring some stuff out for myself. It’s hard finding a balance between letting myself process and explore, but also having enough to do everyday that I don’t go crazy. It’s not really a resolution, but I think that’s what I’m going to spend a lot of my month doing, too. I think my resolutions this month will help me settle into new routines and hopefully find some new people here in the city, too. As always, I’ll keep you posted!

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