An Autumnal All-Vintage Look

A few weeks ago, I was home in Chicago for my mom’s birthday and was invited to join a fun photoshoot with some bloggers. I love meeting people through Instagram (which sounds weird, but it’s actually how I’ve met so many of my friends in Madison!) so I happily agreed. On a ridiculously cold Saturday morning, I met up with Ashley from Safe Haven in the City, Kaitlin of Windy City Thrifter, Zhenya of Being Zhenya, and our wonderful photographer Maddie (I love meeting other Maddie’s lol) and we had the best time getting to know each other and taking some fun photos.

I always forget that we don’t have fall in the midwest – this is what I get for moving to the East Coast in college – so I’m basically bundled up under 10 layers of scarves and boots at this point. But if I were to still be wearing fun, cozy fall clothes I’d be going to this outfit again and again. A big element of my personal style is mixing together pieces of different levels of formality – sort of like high-low but for occasions. For example, this skirt is a fluted pencil skirt from Nicole Miller that would be totally appropriate for work. So I loved pairing it with a collared sweatshirt from J Crew that is definitely more loungewear.

I feel like we sort of lose sight of ‘personal style’ in favor of trends or having something new to wear for Instagram, but I still love mixing together pieces that wouldn’t traditionally go together. I’ve done it my whole life (which resulted in some pretty hilarious outfits in middle and high school) and it’s become an outlet for my creativity in my adult life. Plus, this entire outfit is second-hand! I bought the skirt at St. Vinny’s on Willy Street here in Madison and stole the sweatshirt from my mom back in college. You can’t really see them, but even the earrings I’m wearing I bought at a vintage store in Kyoto. That’s my favorite thing about fashion: having pieces that have a story and can be mixed and matched in unexpected ways.

Check out a couple of my other recent style posts: another thrifted look from St. Vinny’s, the Target jumpsuit I wore all summer, a pastel outfit from Spring I wore straight through to fall.


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