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    A Christmas Prince Drinking Game (You’re Welcome)

    It’s no secret that A Christmas Prince is the Holiday gift that keeps on giving. I stumbled upon it by accident last year and immediately fell in love with its terrible acting, made up European nation, and the Prince’s excellent selection of slacks. It may have been written by a computer (probably), but that won’t stop me from forcing my family to watch it with me every year for the rest of eternity. To make it more fun/bearable for everyone, I’ve concocted a little drinking game to go along with it! I kept it short and sweet since nobody has time to remember a million reasons to drink. Enjoy! (And…

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    Bloggers, Brands, and Is Ethical Fashion Even Real?

    Sooo… this was supposed to be a fitness post, but then these photos finally got me to sit down and write about something that’s been on my mind for a while: why are we so quick to judge bloggers and influencers for the brands they work with? If you don’t spend every living moment on Instagram like I do this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so let me give some context. Over the past few years, a backlash to fast fashion has emerged, the ‘ethical’ fashion movement. Brands that are considered ethical tend to use sustainable or recycled materials, denounce the use of sweatshop labor, and present a high…

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    Everything I’m Excited for on Netflix in November

    November on Netflix is going to be good: we’ve got new Christmas movies, fun classics, and lots of intriguing stories starring lots of women! Today, I’m breaking down what I’m most excited about on Netflix this coming month and when to keep your eyes peeled. Sex and The City: The Movie (November 1) Not the most original movie to kick off this list with, but I have to say I’m excited for a girly night in watching this one. With the weather getting bad and extra time off for the holidays, it’s nice to have to some old standbys on demand for those lazy days. This would be a fun…

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    Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On the Run II Tour was Really Heteronormative

    Over the weekend I got the chance to see the one and only Beyonce perform in Chicago. Oh and Jay-Z was there, too. But what started as a chance to tick an item off my bucket list turned into a full-blown gender theory extravaganza. If you’ve been living under a Beyonce-less rock for the past several years, Bey and Jay have been through some shit. Despite their best efforts to be private, rumors about their relationship have swirled and they have confirmed such events as Jay-Z’s affair, Beyonce’s miscarriage, and an altercation between Jay and Beyonce’s sister, Solange. All of this has been made all the more interesting by the…

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    Becca’s Bachelorette Recap + Who Will Be the Next Bachelor?

    We did it, people! We made it to the end of Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. And let me tell you, it was… pretty boring. What courteous and respectful way will Becca let this guy down? What sub-par board of tourism paid them enough this season? Which square headed white dude will she choose?! Riveting stuff. Unfortunately, in the end, Becca ended up with Garrett “I didn’t mean to like those memes” Yrigoyen and Blake cried into a towel on national television. It wasn’t the happy ending I was hoping for Becca, but, as much as I have a thing for Blake’s capable arms, I’m not sure he would have…

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    Is Slow Instagram Becoming a Thing?

    In the world of social media, everything is instant: instant sharing, instant shopping, instant gratification. But is there a movement emerging on social media to slow things down – is Slow Instagram becoming a thing? So, what does it mean for Instagram to be “slow”? I stole the term from Slow TV, a type of long-form television popular in Norway that shows ordinary events like train rides or knitting circles in their entirety. Slow TV is often of “marathon length” – a single ‘episode’ might go on for 8 or 9 hours – and it typically features ambient and almost ASMR sounds. Slow Instagram isn’t an exact translation of Slow…

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    I Watched The Proposal So You Don’t Have To

    If you’ve seen any episode of this season’s The Bachelorette then you’ve also seen about one billion ads for ABC’s new show, The Proposal. If you haven’t (and you’re lucky), here’s the premise: a mystery bachelor (or bachelorette as we’ll see next week) sits in a box and judges a ten-person beauty pageant and picks one of them to propose to at the end of the hour. It sounds bad, right? Well, that’s because it is. And not in the “so bad it’s good” way. I’ll get into the specifics on why exactly that is in a little bit, but to truly understand how long the producers have been sitting…

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    5 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

    Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman For: Fans of the Franchise and Reality TV Buffs I’m a pretty recent fan of The Bachelor shows – I watched my first full season last summer – but have become 100% invested in the franchise ever since. So, of course, I pounced on this book when it came out. It’s so gossipy and fun and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it still asks some good questions: Why are feminists so into The Bachelor? Do the producers go to far? How does no one get STDs while on the show?? It’s a super quick read so it’s perfect to bring along for a…

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    My Favorite Summer Beers, the Leggings I Bought at 4am, and the Latest Feminist Hashtag

    Happy weekend, everyone! I have to say it’s been a mix of a week: I hung out with my nephew and have some fun new blog projects in the works, but the job search was particularly tough this week. It’s so hard not to get your hopes up sometimes! So, this weekend I’m planning on letting myself relax, crying and watching season 2 of Queer Eye, and reminding myself that I’m a smart and competent human. Also, quick reminder that its Fathers Day this weekend! My dad is out of town, but I’ll be babysitting for my brother so he can get a little break from dad duty in order…

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    Why I’m Glad Mean Girls Didn’t Win at the Tony Awards (+ 5 Diverse Shows to see in Chicago)

    Sunday night was the Tony Awards and like any dutiful former high school theater kid, I tucked in for a night of Broadway production numbers, random movie stars who have taken to the stage, and too many white men winning in every category. And with shows like Mean Girls and Spongebob Squarepants among the most nominated, I didn’t think this year would be any different. So, color me surprised when The Band’s Visit, a musical about Egyptian musicians who end up lost in the Israeli desert, was the clear winner of the night with 10 awards including best new musical. Once on This Island, a Caribbean musical based on a…