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    Create & Cultivate Chicago 2018: What I Learned & Would I Go Again?

    On Saturday, I attended one of the most talked about women’s entrepreneurship conferences in the country: Create & Cultivate. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a jam-packed day of panels, networking, and instagram opportunities and boasts high-profile speakers like Shay Mitchell, Alli Webb, and Jennifer Hudson. It’s put on by a company of the same name that hosts events like this around the country and creates content aimed at millennial women looking to start their own businesses. Honestly, I went because everyone goes and, this year, it was hosted in my hometown of Chicago. Yes, tickets are expensive (general admission costs about $350), but I made a promise to…

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    Networking Tips to Help You Make Genuine Connections

    As I’ve mentioned here before, I took about five months off from work this year and spent a big portion of that job searching. It was definitely exhausting, but, ultimately, I learned a lot about what I’m looking for in my career and how to get the kind of job I want. By far the most effective (and most intimidating) tool for career development that I learned? Networking! I used to think networking was scary and fake, but I’ve actually had such a good experience with it recently and I think it’s really about finding people you actually like! Since I feel like there’s a lot of mystery and weirdness…

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    Is Slow Instagram Becoming a Thing?

    In the world of social media, everything is instant: instant sharing, instant shopping, instant gratification. But is there a movement emerging on social media to slow things down – is Slow Instagram becoming a thing? So, what does it mean for Instagram to be “slow”? I stole the term from Slow TV, a type of long-form television popular in Norway that shows ordinary events like train rides or knitting circles in their entirety. Slow TV is often of “marathon length” – a single ‘episode’ might go on for 8 or 9 hours – and it typically features ambient and almost ASMR sounds. Slow Instagram isn’t an exact translation of Slow…