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Why Elon Musk Shooting A Car Into Space Really Bugs Me

Why Elon Musk Shooting A Car Into Space Really Bugs Me

In case you haven’t heard: Elon Musk sent a pretty powerful rocket up into orbit – but not without decking it out with a Tesla car inside complete with spaceman and accompanying soundtrack. (*Cue me rolling my eyes endlessly forever*) The spaceship itself is really […]

Biddies Abroad: Emily Schumacher in France

Biddies Abroad: Emily Schumacher in France

Hey there! This is the first of a series I’m doing here on TOAST called Biddies Abroad. After having my own experience living abroad, I’ve become really curious about the lives of other young women who are spending time outside of their home country. So, […]

Women’s March Madison + 3 Things I’m Pledging to Do

Women’s March Madison + 3 Things I’m Pledging to Do

On Saturday I marched with thousands of women and men (and children and grandmas and families) to say that we will not be silent for the next four years. It was the first time since I voted for Hillary Clinton that I felt proud of […]

Louise O’Neill Interviews Lindy West in Dublin

Last night, I had the extreme pleasure of going to see Lindy West speak with Irish author Louise O’Neill here in Dublin. The event was part of Lindy’s book tour promoting her memoir, Shrill, but they also talked about body positivity, the #shoutyourabortion campaign, and Lindy’s […]

Mean Emails from Strange Men

So I had an experience recently that has left me feeling pretty weird… I used to be a writing tutor in undergrad and so, looking for a little extra work, I signed up for a tutoring website here in Ireland. It’s the sort of site where […]

Trinity College Dublin Women’s Week 2016

A few weeks ago, we celebrated International Women’s Week here at Trinity and I got the chance to photograph some of the events hosted on campus. And I gotta say, it felt so good to be in the feminist sphere again. I get some of it […]

International Women’s Day ♀

I know I’m a day late, but I wanted to wish you all a happy International Women’s Day! Trinity has put together an awesome program of events all week long, a few of which I’ve had the chance to photograph, and let me just say […]

Repeal the 8th: Dublin’s March for Choice

With everything going on surrounding Planned Parenthood back in the U.S. and the continuous fight against access to safe abortions, I felt compelled to attend the March for Choice in Dublin last Saturday. In Ireland, abortion is illegal under the 8th amendment of the constitution and […]