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    A Life Update from Madison!

    Greetings from Madison, friends! In a whirlwind of events over the last several weeks I’ve found myself back in the Dairyland and, honestly, I’m so excited to be back. At first I felt a little weird moving back when I was literally just here, but I got a great offer at a small marketing agency and everything just sort of fell into place. So, why not?! Life is funny like that sometimes. It’s daunting moving for a job, even if it’s back to a town you know and love. I felt a lot of uncertainty and fear after I committed to move back. What if I hate my new job?…

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    Things I Love About Summer: An Incomplete List

    Driving to the suburbs at sunset with the windows down playing melancholy music I liked in high school (looking at you Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City) When the sky turns green before a tornado Stopping whatever I’m doing to watch a Thunderstorm Always feeling a little sticky The way a wood floor feels underneath my feet when it’s hot out and the wood’s expanded Going on long sweaty runs next to bodies of water Drinking a cold Miller Lite after said long sweaty run Walking as an event Leaving an air conditioned office at the end of the day and realizing it’s beautiful outside “Reading” outside…

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    New City, Who Dis? April Resolutions 2018

    Resolutions from March First up, I’m recapping my resolutions from last month and checking in on how they went and whether or not I’ll be bringing them back for April… Read more. I’ve had like a couple good spurts this month: I read Everything I Never Told You at the beginning of the month and am making my way through Call Me By Your Name pretty quickly now. All it took was like an hour here and an hour there, but once I finish a book I dawdle getting to the next one. I made a GoodReads account, so maybe tracking books and looking out for new ones will help me…

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    Some Big Life Changes + How I Feel About Turning 25

    Today is my birthday and, to be honest, I’m starting out 25 in a bit of weird place: I recently left my job after a year and a half and am moving back to Chicago. I’m still in Madison until I find someone to sublet my apartment and am going back and forth in a kind of limbo in the meantime. I’m pretty nervous about the future right now because to be totally honest I don’t really have a plan. I have a few smaller projects in social media and writing that I’m working on, but I don’t have a full-time job lined up. I’m not positive about what I…

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    Some New (And Old) Goals for March: Resolutions 2018

    Resolutions from February Here’s a recap of what I focused on in February, if you’re interested: Don’t look at my phone first thing in the morning. Success! I thought this one would be harder, but I actually found it pretty peaceful to leave my phone on my nightstand as I went about the rest of my morning. I got out the door faster, too, since I wasn’t getting sucked into the Instagram-vortex first thing. Scroll through Instagram less. I feel like I half-way did this? To be honest, I’ve just been a lot busier this month, so I haven’t had the same kind of downtime to dick around on my phone. I…

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    What I’m Focusing On This February : Resolutions 2018

    Hey all! As I mentioned in this post, I’m doing my New Years resolutions a little bit differently this year: instead of making one huge (and likely unattainable) goal for the year, I’m breaking down each month into smaller goals. Makes sense, right? January was my first month giving this a go so I’ve got a little recap of how things went and then I’m sharing what made the cut for February. Check it out! Sunglasses: Ray Ban , Sweater: Vintage Escada by Margaretha Ley , Jeans: Urban Outfitters (last worn here) , Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith   First things first: I need to check in with my January resolutions. A couple…

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    All of my Feelings About Marie Kondo’s Famous Cleaning Method

    Over New Years weekend I embarked on a cleaning mission: to clear out my entire apartment using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. If you don’t keep up with the latest in Japanese tidying trends, the KonMari method is a quirky style of cleaning that touts the benefits of discarding anything that doesn’t bring you joy. It made waves a few years ago when Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up hit the New York Times Best Seller List and Marie Kondo was propelled into domestic goddess status. To be honest, the whole concept felt a little new agey for me (it’s like one step down from believing in healing crystals),…

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    Why I’m Doing Resolutions A Little Bit Differently This Year

    This year, I’ve decided to forgo big, yearlong resolutions because they simply don’t work for me! Making a huge proclamation at the beginning of the year is simply setting myself up for failure. I know myself well enough at this point to know that I get easily derailed by goals like that. If I miss a day or something unexpected comes along, I get completely upended and feel like I can’t get back on the horse. I definitely still have yearlong goals: to feel more fulfilled in my career and to make decisions that are right for me instead of fixating on what other people think I should do. But…

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    My Favorite Moments of 2017 & A Few Things I’m Really Proud Of

    I actually can’t believe this year is over! It’s gone by so fast, but, not gonna lie, I feel like it lasted forever. Hands down, I have grown more this year than any other. The person I was in January is completely different than the person I am now in December. I’m more independent and confident in every aspect of my life and I’m so proud of that. But, wow, did it come with some challenges. 2017 certainly wasn’t the year that I wanted, but it was absolutely the year that I needed. A few things that I’m particularly proud of myself for this year: Doing more things by myself.…

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    My Favorite Christmas Traditions + A Festive Jumpsuit

      I started celebrating Christmas a little earlier than usual this year (because Lord knows we need any excuse for some joy these days) and I’m starting to get so excited, guys! I broke out the decorations, put up my little Christmas tree, tuned into the local Christmas station – I’m totally admiring my handiwork as we speak! I’ve even done a good amount of my gift shopping, which has to be some kind of record because I famously wait until the last minute every year. All this holiday spirit made me want to share some thoughts on the holidays including the best Christmas tree ever and where not to…