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Trinity College Dublin Women’s Week 2016

A few weeks ago, we celebrated International Women’s Week here at Trinity and I got the chance to photograph some of the events hosted on campus. And I gotta say, it felt so good to be in the feminist sphere again. I get some of it […]

Weekend Toast V.6

I gotta say this last week has bit a of a wash in terms of productivity – between my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day not a whole lot got accomplished. But we certainly had a great time! Ian took me to our favorite spot, The […]

Weekend Toast V.5

It is finally starting to feel like Spring here in Dublin and I couldn’t be more excited! Birds are singing! Flowers are blooming! You can stand outside without hating your life! We spent the weekend resting up for a big upcoming week (my birthday and […]

International Women’s Day ♀

I know I’m a day late, but I wanted to wish you all a happy International Women’s Day! Trinity has put together an awesome program of events all week long, a few of which I’ve had the chance to photograph, and let me just say […]

Weekend Toast V.4

So in honor of trying to get into a more regular blogging schedule, I’m recapping my week and sharing some of my favorite linkages from around the interwebs. Highlight: Definitely the highlight of my week was seeing Margaret Atwood speak to The Philosophical Society at […]

Repeal the 8th: Dublin’s March for Choice

With everything going on surrounding Planned Parenthood back in the U.S. and the continuous fight against access to safe abortions, I felt compelled to attend the March for Choice in Dublin last Saturday. In Ireland, abortion is illegal under the 8th amendment of the constitution and […]

Weekend Toast V.1

I will be staying in this weekend in an attempt to polish off my English thesis (ambitious, I know…). But if you’re in the Philadelphia area, there are a bunch of really cool events going on this weekend! Life in Color, Sufjan Stevens, and Sakura Sunday and the Cherry […]