Cheers to a Great Apartment + A Twist on A Classic

My mom moved into Chicago when I was in college and it was a big step for both of us. She was leaving my childhood home for the big city and I remember being a little nervous and sad to see our life in the suburbs disappear. But we completely fell in love with the area, my mom easily made friends in her building (including this guy), and it started to feel like home pretty quickly. I think it’s fair to say we both grew up a lot while she was living here and her life here has really made me consider moving back to Chicago sometime soon. Is it so wrong that I just want to eat Flaco’s Taco’s everyday?!

But all good things come to an end and my mom moved last weekend! 😭 Okay, so she moved 5 blocks away, but still! I was surprised at how sad I was to see this place go. There’s been a lot of change in my family lately so maybe I’m more sensitive than usual – everyone in my immediate family has moved at least once in the last 9 months, including me!

We’ve had so many good times in this place: drinking martinis on the balcony, watching White Christmas while putting up her aluminum Christmas tree (yes, you read that right), chatting over coffee in the living room. I’m so lucky to have an amazing relationship with my mom and I’ll really miss this place because it represents so much change for both of us. But last Sunday, we sat on her couch in the new place and drank wine and talked about life for a whole afternoon so I think we’ll figure things out in the new apartment just fine. 💕 Special shout to my mother for literally having pink champagne at the drop of a hat when we shot these photos. Like I said, she’s the best.

Outfit Details:

Vintage Men’s Tuxedo Shirt – Waven Freya Jeans in Perfect BlueBadgley Mishcka Randall D’Orsay Heels in Pink Satin – Red Earrings from the Tate Modern (this pair is long gone, but their gift shop is kickin’)

A little bit about what I’m wearing: these jeans are my absolute favorite pair I’ve ever owned. They fit just above my hip bones, which is most comfortable for me, and are a really nice thicker fabric so they feel soft and luxe. I’ve worn them to work, while traveling, out to the bar, etc. They are my go-to for versatile denim. I actually bought them back at Dublin at the boutique I worked at, Bow & Pearl, and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon the brand. Waven makes a lot of really quality denim pieces and they cost around $70, but I often see them on sale for as little as $30 on ASOS. They do stretch out noticeably after a while, unfortunately, but that might also be because I wear them almost every day… I would absolutely buy another pair just to replace them. The fit is so good.

I’m also wearing a vintage men’s tuxedo shirt that I bought at a local thrift store for $7. I just loved the idea of turning something common and classic into an unusual going out top. And I paired it with a beautiful pair of blush Badgley Mischka heels that I’ve had forever and never wear enough. They’re not available online through any major stores anymore (like I said, they’re ancient), but people are selling them on Ebay for a stupid fraction of what I bought them for. I would snap up a pair if you’re looking for heels to wear to weddings this summer.

My earrings are stolen from my mom and they’re from the Tate Modern in London. Because she is hip and artsy like that. 😎

I like to think of myself as a daring and whimsical person, but when it comes to formal clothes I always find myself drawn to the classics. White button downs, blank tanks, simple sheaths – I have an unbelievable collection of little black dresses from when I sang in high school that are like only now feeling age-appropriate. Thank you, 16-year-old me, for having overly mature taste!

What are your favorite going out pieces? Now that I’m older and I’m not frequenting college parties or Irish clubs, I’m reevaluating my nighttime wardrobe and would love some suggestions! Are we still doing heels or is there more to life than blisters? Jeans and a cute top, is that standard? Does one wear cocktail dresses to cocktail parties? Inform me, people.

Photography by Ian Brady

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