My Thoughts on Blair Eadie’s Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Collection

Another week, another blogger launching a collection. Am I right?

All snarkiness aside, I love Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. She was one of the first fashion bloggers I ever followed and one of the only people I’ve ever actually referenced for “outfit inspo”. To me, she defined “street style” before I even knew that was even a thing and her surprising, ever-sunglassed style has always stood out in a sea of trendy bloggers.

Over the years, she’s stayed focused solely on fashion, surprising in the time of fashion-turned-lifestyle bloggers. I’ve been following her for years and know very little about her life and her personality beyond her clothes. Her personal style has always been the focal point and, despite the industry pushing bloggers for transparency and “authenticity”, I think it’s safe to say it’s really paid off for her.

Of all the blogger collections that come out this year (Chriselle Lim, Gal Meets Glam, etc.), Blair’s collection feels the most authentically her style. The pieces can be layered up to mimic her quirky, color-blocked blog looks or pared down for a more streamlined style.

When photos of the collection came out, I was wary of how wearable the pieces would be for everyday; Blair’s style is so fun and out there, but isn’t exactly what I would call accessible. I was pleasantly surprised, though, at the mix of hero pieces and basics in the collection. Of course her ultra-girly pieces and modern florals standout, but her understated workwear pieces and blouses make the collection accessible to those who aren’t ready to rock a tiered tulle maxi skirt.

I won’t be buying anything from the collection today (I’m currently on a shopping ban), but there are a few pieces that I think are interesting and really define the collection that I wanted to talk through.

The Glitter Booties

These are hands down my favorite thing in the collection. They’re arguably the most iconic piece and are certainly Instagram ready. Beautiful shape, sensible heel-height, and surprisingly reasonably priced these babies are the one piece from the collection I’m seriously considering breaking my ban for. They’re just so fun and would be perfect for the holidays coming up. It’s hard to resist these major Elle Woods vibes.

The Printed A-Line Dress

If I was going to buy a piece of clothing from the collection, this would be my choice. The shape is flattering and the colors are very autumnal, but it’s the details that make it a stand out for me: the front pleats and pearl button detail elevate the piece overall. I love the print, but does it remind anyone else of something from the Who What Wear x Target collection? Regardless, it’s a beautiful dress and I’m not shocked it’s already sold out.

The Size Diversity

I’m super glad to see that the collection includes a wide variety of sizes (0-24) and has both plus size and petite options. A special collaboration like this certainly didn’t need to include the size diversity to sell, so it’s nice to see bloggers walking the walking when it comes to inclusion.

Sidenote: I love the photos Blair did with Katie Sturino of @the12ishstyle showing the pieces on different body types. Their friendship is major goals!

The Undergarments

Okay, this sounds weird, but I’m so excited to see a collection include some beautiful undergarments! I’m a life-long slip wearer (I was like the only 13 year old wearing a half slip lol) and they’re actually surprisingly hard to come by so it’s nice to see both practical and fun foundation pieces.

Love this half slip, these opaque colored tights, and and this mesh polka dot slip.

That’s it from me on this one! It’s interesting to see different bloggers roll out collections, both independently and in collaboration with other brands, and the choices they make when pivoting to a design role.

Did you buy anything from the collection today? Anything you’re eyeing? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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