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ICYMI: Colton Jumps a Fence

This Week’s News:

○ Colton made it through his first week as the Bachelor! Congrats to him for enduring the endless jokes about his virginity and an unfortunately drawn out 3-hour watch party.

○ Britney Spears’ legendary …Baby One More Time album came out 20 years ago this week.

○ Bachelor Nation’s Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe are like dating now? They have been spotted out to dinner and dancing together all over IG this week.

○ Just a reminder that Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom are still together?! This is news to me. Also, not sure why this is resurfacing in the news cycle right now.

○ Happy 37th birthday to Kate Middleton! She celebrated with a small get together in the country and went to church with the queen. Good to know Kate’s keeping it lit.

○ Is anyone watching the Critic’s Choice Awards tonight? No? Neither am I because I didn’t even know it existed. Also, you can tie at an entertainment awards show? What is this, European sports?

Internet Things:

○ This woman’s take down of Bernie Sanders running for president is the energy I want to take into 2019.

○ Shoutout to Sandra Oh’s parents for being the cutest at the Golden Globes. Her dad clapping when she won for best actress in a TV drama 😭

Baby Shark has taken over the airwaves. It’s hit the Billboard Hot 100 and is one of the 30 most-viewed videos of all time on YouTube.

○ This is my favorite corporate job meme I’ve seen in a while. Mine is the unnecessary “thanks” at the end of the call once everyone else has hung up.

What I’m Consuming:

○ I finished Anne Helen Peterson’s Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud this week. It started out strong, but I sort of struggled through the last few chapters, to be honest. I’ll do a full review soon, but overall: it was good not great.

○ I finally started GLOW after having it recommended to me about a thousand times. I’ve watched about 5 episodes and it’s really smart and compelling. It’s a little slow right now though so I’m hoping it picks up a bit.

○ I caught up on the premier of the Bachelor on Wednesday and am feeling cautiously optimistic about this season. I just want to know why he jumps that fence! Already my fave gif of 2019.

○ This week, I’m moving onto Darcey Bell’s domestic thriller A Simple Favor (now a movie starring Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick) as my next book. Fingers crossed it’s as good as the movie trailer.

○ I started Derry Girls on Netflix and I want so much to love it, but I’m not quite there yet. To be fair, I’ve only watched 2 episodes so I’m going to give it more time. I’ll keep you updated.

○ I tried out Jen Chaney’s book As If! The Oral History of Clueless last week and just couldn’t get into it. I wanted to like it since I love the movie, but the interview transcript style made it hard to follow.

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