A Little Red Vintage Dress

I love this dress. This dress brings me joy. It makes me feel powerful and fun and like I stepped out of the 80s. It’s a vintage, double-breasted suit dress from Rethreads on State Street in Madison. The vintage there can be kind of hit or miss, so I was super pleasantly surprised to find something authentically vintage there (there consignment is excellent, though, just to clarify!).

Anyway, I sent a photo of this dress to my mom who appropriately replied that I look like a young Republican and that someone definitely voted for the first Bush in this exact dress. And she’s probably not wrong. It’s definitely one of the more patriotic looks I own, especially when paired with my new basket bag I got in Davenport. I’ll just be wearing it on the other side of the aisle lol.

I’ve shared this dress a few times on Instagram, but I’m trying to get better at sharing more on my blog, even it’s just small stuff. I want the blog to be a place where I can just reflect and write and have everything I love all in one place. So today this dress makes me happy. I’m not sure what the hell I’ll even wear it to, but I love it and it delights me to have it in my closet. That’s all. 😊

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