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Everything I’m Excited for on Netflix in November

November on Netflix is going to be good: we’ve got new Christmas movies, fun classics, and lots of intriguing stories starring lots of women! Today, I’m breaking down what I’m most excited about on Netflix this coming month and when to keep your eyes peeled.

Sex and The City: The Movie (November 1)

Not the most original movie to kick off this list with, but I have to say I’m excited for a girly night in watching this one. With the weather getting bad and extra time off for the holidays, it’s nice to have to some old standbys on demand for those lazy days. This would be a fun day-before-Thanksgiving treat to watch with friends.

The Holiday Calendar (November 2)

Netflix kicks off its cheesy AF series of holiday movies with The Holiday Calendar, starring Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham. A magical advent calendar that predicts the future, some mediocre-looking dudes, and an unrealistic heartwarming message give it all the trappings of a perfect holiday classic. I’m excited about this one!

House of Cards: Season 6 (November 2)

So, I stopped watching House of Cards after season 3, but this new season looks so good I just might have to binge watch it to catch up. So happy to see Robin Wright at the heart of the cast and looking forward to seeing this complex, unexpected character unfold.

The Princess Switch (November 16)

Vanessa Hudgens reemerges from obscurity in what looks like a Christmas-themed reboot of The Parent Trap: two identical girls – one a baker and one a princess – switch lives for the holidays. How is this one going to end?! Hoping for some great winter shots of Chicago in this one since I think it’s set in the city!

Cam (November 16)

For something totally different and a bit darker, this movie looks super interesting and apparently did really well at this summer’s film festivals. This psychological thriller dives into the world of webcam porn and follows a young woman whose online identity is highjacked. I’m intrigued.

The Christmas Chronicles (November 22)

The next Christmas movie to roll out is The Christmas Chronicles, which essentially just looks like The Santa Clause remade with Kurt Russell and some animated flossing elves. It doesn’t look too original to be honest, but will I still watch it probably more than once? You bet.

Baby (November 30)

This new Netflix series is sparking controversy and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is already calling for it to be banned. Inspired by a teen prostitution scandal in Rome, Baby is presumably about young women selling sex, so I can see why it would raise some eyebrows. I’m curious to see how they deal with the content considering it’s a sensitive subject. Fingers crossed it’s done well.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (November 30)

And last but not least – the most highly anticipated release on this list! We’re going to have to wait until after Thanksgiving for this baby, but it will be so worth it! I fell deeply in love with the ridiculous and cheesy original last Christmas and am hoping the sequel is just as awesomely bad.

For more Netflix releases coming out in November, check out this list from Refinery29.

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