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    A Festive Vintage Dress for Christmas

    It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it?! I mentioned on Instagram that I haven’t really been in the holiday spirit lately, but I’m really hoping this weekend will turn it around. I’m heading home to Chicago today and we’re doing all the Christmassy things! We’re decorating my mom’s amazing aluminum Christmas tree, seeing the Nutcracker at the Joffrey Ballet, watching holiday movies, and obviously I’m forcing my family to play my Christmas Prince drinking game. I think getting all dressed up helps me feel festive, too, which is why I’m so excited to share these photos with you! I love this dress so much. It fits so well, it’s festive,…

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    A Christmas Prince Drinking Game (You’re Welcome)

    It’s no secret that A Christmas Prince is the Holiday gift that keeps on giving. I stumbled upon it by accident last year and immediately fell in love with its terrible acting, made up European nation, and the Prince’s excellent selection of slacks. It may have been written by a computer (probably), but that won’t stop me from forcing my family to watch it with me every year for the rest of eternity. To make it more fun/bearable for everyone, I’ve concocted a little drinking game to go along with it! I kept it short and sweet since nobody has time to remember a million reasons to drink. Enjoy! (And…

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    Toast’s Last Minute (& Under $50) Gift Guide

      I am a pretty notorious last minute shopper. I’ve never been on the ball when it comes to gift giving, so it’s always a bit of scramble come crunch time. But since I do this literally every year, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for easy, affordable last-minute gifts that are still really genuine. I tried to include a little something for everybody and I snuck a few discount codes in there too, so read on: For a housewarming: For friends who’ve recently moved into a new place or as a super nice hostess gift, a 4-set of stemless wine glasses ($8.99) and a nice bottle of…

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    4 Guilty Pleasure Christmas Movies to Watch This Weekend

    I’m such a guilty pleasure pop culture junky and I make no exception at Christmas. There are so many awesomely bad Christmas specials out in the world and nothing makes me happier than a totally cringe-worthy celeb-filled holiday TV nightmare and God bless that we live in a world full of them. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been on a Christmas movie kick lately and have forced my bad taste upon my friends (sorry, Kristin!). So, I’ve rounded up my favorite Christmas guilty pleasure watches and where to find them because nothing feels better than pouring yourself a big mug of mulled wine, getting cozy, and…

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    My Favorite Christmas Traditions + A Festive Jumpsuit

      I started celebrating Christmas a little earlier than usual this year (because Lord knows we need any excuse for some joy these days) and I’m starting to get so excited, guys! I broke out the decorations, put up my little Christmas tree, tuned into the local Christmas station – I’m totally admiring my handiwork as we speak! I’ve even done a good amount of my gift shopping, which has to be some kind of record because I famously wait until the last minute every year. All this holiday spirit made me want to share some thoughts on the holidays including the best Christmas tree ever and where not to…