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Weekend Vibes // The Week of September 15

Weekend Vibes // The Week of September 15

Hey guys, hope you’ve had a good week! I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days and left a lot of stuff around the house undone so I’ll be channeling my inner domestic goddess this weekend. I’m hoping to get outside […]

Two Wardrobe Staples I’m Really Excited About Right Now

Two Wardrobe Staples I’m Really Excited About Right Now

Last weekend I was in a treat yo self kind of mood so I bought myself a smoked salmon sandwich and a La Croix and went shopping. For me, shopping is an event: I love going to the stores, people watching, trying things on, listening […]

A Sunny Outfit Saved for a Rainy Day

A Sunny Outfit Saved for a Rainy Day

With thunderstorms in the forecast all week, I thought I’d share a sunny outfit to brighten up a rainy day. I bought this dress last summer when I was in Dublin, where it never actually got warm enough for me to wear it. So, I was extra excited to break it out this summer back at home. It’s from the brand Louche, who carries a lot of easy day dresses in really fun patterns. I was kind of skeptical of this dress on the rack, but loved the fit when I tried it on. The flare on the skirt is really flattering and sleeves are almost bell sleeves – the whole look is super flowy and perfectly twirlable.

I also want to mention these shoes, which have become my go-to for everything from dinner to church to hitting the bars. They’re from Michael Kors and I got them ages ago for my college graduation, but love how versatile they’ve become later on in life. They easily dress up day dresses, but I also love them with jeans. I got a pair of wide legged cropped jeans recently and love them paired together. Plus, the wood wedges make them way more walkable than heels, which is super important to me.

What pieces are you loving this summer? Cannot believe that it’s already the middle of July. I feel like I’ve been hearing the phrase “the older you get, the faster time goes” a lot lately and it is feeling scary accurate right about now. Hoping to get a few more wears out of this look before fall rolls around!

Cheers to a Great Apartment + A Twist on A Classic

Cheers to a Great Apartment + A Twist on A Classic

My mom moved into Chicago when I was in college and it was a big step for both of us. She was leaving my childhood home for the big city and I remember being a little nervous and sad to see our life in the […]

An Ode to the Romper

An Ode to the Romper

To me, the romper is the ultimate summer piece. Light for those super hot days, easy to throw on, and a little bit unexpected. I love me a good sun dress (and there’s a good one coming to the blog soooon!), but I feel more […]

A Spring Outfit + 10 Summer Resolutions

A Spring Outfit + 10 Summer Resolutions

Old J. Crew Denim Jacket (similar here) – Vintage Dress from Om Diva in Dublin – Adidas Superstars (on sale here) – Olivia Burton Watch from Bow & Pearl in Dublin – Old Dooney & Bourke wristlet (love this and this wristlet from D&B).

Spring is here, guys! FINALLY. It was 85 degrees yesterday and I’m unnaturally psyched. After living in Dublin last summer, I’ve missed those sunny days and hot sticky nights. I know, I’ll be kicking myself for saying that soon enough. I literally forgot bugs existed until like last week… I’ve obviously selectively remembered a lot about Midwestern summers lol. The temperature is starting to go up, but in Wisconsin we’re still having those really nice cool days, too. This outfit is perfect for that sort of in-between weather and I love that it’s a mix of new and vintage and a hilariously old Dooney & Bourke wristlet that I wore on my first date in 7th grade…

Since I totally have summer on the mind, I thought I’d share some things I’m really looking forward to in the coming months. Moving to Madison in November was pretty rough – the city is in hibernation – but everyone tells me how much the city comes alive in the summer. So, here are 10 things on my summer bucket list…

  1. Run the Madison Bubble Run with my mom in June. It’s sort of giving me unfortunate college foam party flashbacks, but I think it’ll be hilarious. Knowing my mother, we’ll make a day of it with mimosas and endless chats, too.
  2. Order a pitcher of beer for a long night with friends at the Memorial Union at UW.
  3. Paddle board yoga. I’ve been going to Dragonfly since I moved here and I love their classes. They always do cool events, but this one in particular caught my interest. I paddle boarded for the first time in Barcelona last summer and truly cannot imagine doing yoga on one so I’m super curious.
  4. Go on a long, sweaty run and come home to a cold Miller Lite that’s been sitting in my fridge since my friend, Mario, left them there in December.
  5. See Tig Notaro at the Barrymore. I watched her documentary, Tig, last year and I think her ability to turn so many awful, human things into comedy is genius. Just hoping her mother-in-law shows up to tell the joke
  6. Go for a hike. Anyone who knows me is probably making this face right now 😱 But I can be outdoorsy for like an afternoon! Give me some credit! Taking recommendations, but I’d like to check out the Cave of the Mounds area.
  7. Have a glass of champagne on the roof of Fresco.
  8. Buy antique furniture and house plants (that I will inevitably kill) on Willy Street.
  9. Spend Saturday morning at the Madison Farmer’s Market. I already do this, but I’m determined to try every local cheese and stock up on enough all-natural bloody mary mix to last through the winter.
  10. Rent a boat on Lake Mendota. Would love to spend a long day out on the water and properly learn how to drive a boat while I’m at it. Found this place online, but send any suggestions my way!


Photography by my bro, Ian Brady.

Thank You, Bow & Pearl!

For the last three months, I’ve been working as a social media intern for the local Dublin boutique, Bow & Pearl. I’ve done everything from take product photos to organize stock takes to analyzing data from our social media platforms. I’ve also been working sales on […]

13 Street Style Looks Perfect for Summer in Dublin

I know I’m always going on about the weather here in Ireland, but it has seriously hit me the hardest this summer. I’m used to long, hot, muggy Chicago summers where you wake up sticky and put on as few clothes as legally possible. Dublin […]

Toast Picks: Summer 2016

Summer Picks.png

So this is mostly wishful thinking because it will definitely not be warm enough for me to wear any of this, but in the spirit of the season I wanted to put up a few picks for you hot weather folks. Classic with a fun, whimsical twist (& apparently I’ve got a thing for rabbits going this summer 🐰) Enjoy!

1) Henriette Dress by dRA – Lately I’ve been trying to focus on finding pieces that suit my shape. I get so caught up in fun proportions or trendy styles that I sometimes forget I’m dressing me. This dress is totally appropriate, though, with a deep V neck and empire waist and I love how easy it would be to throw on with white sneakers and silver jewelry.

2) Woodland Bunny Watch by Olivia Burton – We carry this watch brand at Bow & Pearl and I came across this sweet little piece while updating our stock. I love that it’s whimsical but still modern and has vegan leather which is good for both the animals and my wallet.

3) Rattan Wedge by Charlotte Olympia – Okay, so obviously a dream purchase with such a high price tag (even at half off!) but I love the idea of a statement heel. I find myself drawn to a lot of simple dresses so a little pop of personality is definitely needed. This pair is somewhere between old Hollywood starlet and chic suburban mom going out to dinner in Florida, which I completely love.

4) Round Rabbit Mini Bag by Andrés Gallardo – Another reach purchase here too, but I think I might be falling for the round bag trend. I saw one that I loved on Julia Engel’s blog and can’t stop thinking about them. I love the cobalt color and sweet detail on this one and the mini shape helps it feel like less of a hat box. I’m on the hunt for some more affordable options, so I’ll keep ya updated.

5) Bow Back Playsuit by One O Eight – I’m a sucker for a great romper and this one is perfect! We just ordered in pieces from this brand at Bow & Pearl and I stumbled upon this awesome little playsuit on their website. Love the fresh green and white pattern and I would totally style it as shown, with white sneakers and a bun. Or dress it up with a banana yellow heel and beachy waves for a date night. Can’t beat a versatile piece at a reasonable price!

What are you wearing this summer? Realistically it will be denim and sweaters for me all summer, but alas I’ve never met a cozy summer night I didn’t like…

14 Looks from Fashion Month

  [Alexander McQueen, Erdem] Over the past few months, I’ve been getting more interested in runway fashion. I’ve loved personal style and have followed style bloggers for a while now, but never cared too much about what designers were sending down the catwalk. It seemed […]