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    A Morning at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

    Over the weekend my friend Anna and I took a little expedition to Olbrich Botanical Gardens here in Madison. Have you been? I’ve visited a couple of times this month and I think it’s becoming one of my favorite spots in the city. It reminds me a lot of the Botanical Garden in Dublin, which was a total happy place for me with the gray Irish weather. Olbrich has the same sanctuary vibe and includes elaborate grounds, a butterfly garden, and even a gorgeous gold Thai Pavilion. We had the perfect weather and spent the morning walking around and chatting about feminism, beekeeping, and healthcare technology. You know, the usual.…

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    My Trip to Japan: Heian Shrine + Kyoto

    Day Four – Kyoto, Heian Shrine, and Teramachi Street My first full day with Betsy started out with a serious hangover and an incredible lunch. After a night of drinking a boat load of mugi the night before – a potent Japanese liquor – and still being very jet lagged, I was not in great shape. But we dragged our asses off our mats and went to grab yakiniku with Betsy’s friends from the night before. They seem somehow unfazed by the entire ordeal or maybe I just couldn’t tell in the flurry of Japanese. Hangover or not, though, yakiniku was by far the best thing I ate in Japan,…

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    The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

    This is by far one of my favorite spots in Dublin! Peaceful, tucked away, and completely gorgeous, the Dublin Botanic Gardens are a great way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re local or just in for the weekend. The gardens are home to two enormous greenhouses brimming with plants from all over the world: succulents, orchids, palm trees, prairie grasses, the list goes on and on. Summer doesn’t get too warm around here (it’s July and 60 degrees), so my favorite spot has to be the tropics room. The air is humid and hot and reminds me of those super sticky summer days back home in the Midwest. I know most people…