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    Some New (And Old) Goals for March: Resolutions 2018

    Resolutions from February Here’s a recap of what I focused on in February, if you’re interested: Don’t look at my phone first thing in the morning. Success! I thought this one would be harder, but I actually found it pretty peaceful to leave my phone on my nightstand as I went about the rest of my morning. I got out the door faster, too, since I wasn’t getting sucked into the Instagram-vortex first thing. Scroll through Instagram less. I feel like I half-way did this? To be honest, I’ve just been a lot busier this month, so I haven’t had the same kind of downtime to dick around on my phone. I…

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    What I’m Focusing On This February : Resolutions 2018

    Hey all! As I mentioned in this post, I’m doing my New Years resolutions a little bit differently this year: instead of making one huge (and likely unattainable) goal for the year, I’m breaking down each month into smaller goals. Makes sense, right? January was my first month giving this a go so I’ve got a little recap of how things went and then I’m sharing what made the cut for February. Check it out! Sunglasses: Ray Ban , Sweater: Vintage Escada by Margaretha Ley , Jeans: Urban Outfitters (last worn here) , Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith   First things first: I need to check in with my January resolutions. A couple…

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    Why I’m Doing Resolutions A Little Bit Differently This Year

    This year, I’ve decided to forgo big, yearlong resolutions because they simply don’t work for me! Making a huge proclamation at the beginning of the year is simply setting myself up for failure. I know myself well enough at this point to know that I get easily derailed by goals like that. If I miss a day or something unexpected comes along, I get completely upended and feel like I can’t get back on the horse. I definitely still have yearlong goals: to feel more fulfilled in my career and to make decisions that are right for me instead of fixating on what other people think I should do. But…