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My Favorite Summer Beers, the Leggings I Bought at 4am, and the Latest Feminist Hashtag

My Favorite Summer Beers, the Leggings I Bought at 4am, and the Latest Feminist Hashtag

Happy weekend, everyone! I have to say it’s been a mix of a week: I hung out with my nephew and have some fun new blog projects in the works, but the job search was particularly tough this week. It’s so hard not to get […]

Weekend Vibes // The Week of September 15

Weekend Vibes // The Week of September 15

Hey guys, hope you’ve had a good week! I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days and left a lot of stuff around the house undone so I’ll be channeling my inner domestic goddess this weekend. I’m hoping to get outside […]

Weekend Toast V.5


It is finally starting to feel like Spring here in Dublin and I couldn’t be more excited! Birds are singing! Flowers are blooming! You can stand outside without hating your life! We spent the weekend resting up for a big upcoming week (my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day) and catching up on some work. We went here for brunch yesterday and loved it – great eggs benedict and loved this new wine. Here are some thoughts from the week, if you’re interested…

Highlight: International Women’s Week here at Trinity was awesome! In a moment of outgoing-ness, I volunteered to photograph some of the events and was so happy I made myself do it. For me, it can feel really difficult to put myself out there and get involved in something I’m not sure about but I learned so much from photographing panel events for the first time and went to several great events I wouldn’t have considered attending otherwise. I know it sounds trite, but I’m actually really proud of myself for doing it! #smartwomenstrongwomen

Hell yes to Chicago for shutting down Trump – our city won’t put up with his hate and irresponsibility!

This week has me thinking a lot about the ways women are undervalued in society. This article has some great statistics on the unbalanced distribution of unpaid domestic work.

On a lighter note, I’ve become addicted to Piano Tiles 2… Totally takes me back to learning the classics in my early piano days.

And this whole dog or bagel thing is getting out of control. Also, I know this is old but I just discovered the Groupon Banana Bunker hilarity of 2015.

Geekily excited for this book to come in!

My birthday is this week so I’m on the prowl for the perfect dessert to make… some options are this insane dark chocolate cheesecake (and how beautiful are the photos), a classic bread pudding, or this too-easy-to-be-true nutella lava cake in a mug.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Look out for photos from Women’s Week and something a little fashionable on the blog… And grab a Guinness for me! 🍀