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    A Festive Vintage Dress for Christmas

    It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it?! I mentioned on Instagram that I haven’t really been in the holiday spirit lately, but I’m really hoping this weekend will turn it around. I’m heading home to Chicago today and we’re doing all the Christmassy things! We’re decorating my mom’s amazing aluminum Christmas tree, seeing the Nutcracker at the Joffrey Ballet, watching holiday movies, and obviously I’m forcing my family to play my Christmas Prince drinking game. I think getting all dressed up helps me feel festive, too, which is why I’m so excited to share these photos with you! I love this dress so much. It fits so well, it’s festive,…

  • Winter Thanksgiving Outfit

    A Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit I Can Actually Eat In

    I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving week! This year has been pretty crazy, but now that things have settled down a little bit I’m excited to relax and spend some time with my family and friends over the holidays. Thanksgiving, especially, is my favorite holiday for three reasons: No gift giving. I love Christmas, but there is always so much added pressure (emotionally and financially) of buying and receiving gifts. I much prefer all the family time and delicious food without the strain of gifts involved. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I grew up watching the parade and I love that we still do it every year albeit with champagne…

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    My Favorite White Summer Dress

    Every summer I have one dress that I wear non-stop and this year it’s this beauty from Urban Outfitters. It’s the perfect summer party dress: cute, casual, and a little sexy. And with the balance of the deep V-neck and the midi length it totally works for both day or night. It’s just so easy to throw it on and feel put together. I’ve worn this out with my friends to the bars, hanging out at a street fest, out to a concert – you name the summery event and I’ve worn this dress to it! On a potentially TMI note, I’m also excited about this dress because it’s the…

  • Affordable Christmas Gift Guide

    Toast’s Last Minute (& Under $50) Gift Guide

      I am a pretty notorious last minute shopper. I’ve never been on the ball when it comes to gift giving, so it’s always a bit of scramble come crunch time. But since I do this literally every year, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for easy, affordable last-minute gifts that are still really genuine. I tried to include a little something for everybody and I snuck a few discount codes in there too, so read on: For a housewarming: For friends who’ve recently moved into a new place or as a super nice hostess gift, a 4-set of stemless wine glasses ($8.99) and a nice bottle of…

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    My Favorite Christmas Traditions + A Festive Jumpsuit

      I started celebrating Christmas a little earlier than usual this year (because Lord knows we need any excuse for some joy these days) and I’m starting to get so excited, guys! I broke out the decorations, put up my little Christmas tree, tuned into the local Christmas station – I’m totally admiring my handiwork as we speak! I’ve even done a good amount of my gift shopping, which has to be some kind of record because I famously wait until the last minute every year. All this holiday spirit made me want to share some thoughts on the holidays including the best Christmas tree ever and where not to…

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    Two Wardrobe Staples I’m Really Excited About Right Now

    Last weekend I was in a treat yo self kind of mood so I bought myself a smoked salmon sandwich and a La Croix and went shopping. For me, shopping is an event: I love going to the stores, people watching, trying things on, listening to the music they play, feeling all the fabrics, buying little things I don’t need, etc. In fact, I actually hate shopping online. (This is where I usually get a horrified reaction from people lol). I’m a brick and mortar kind of girl. I’ve just had so many bad experiences buying things online and then I never remember to return them. I bought a pair of…

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    A Morning at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

    Over the weekend my friend Anna and I took a little expedition to Olbrich Botanical Gardens here in Madison. Have you been? I’ve visited a couple of times this month and I think it’s becoming one of my favorite spots in the city. It reminds me a lot of the Botanical Garden in Dublin, which was a total happy place for me with the gray Irish weather. Olbrich has the same sanctuary vibe and includes elaborate grounds, a butterfly garden, and even a gorgeous gold Thai Pavilion. We had the perfect weather and spent the morning walking around and chatting about feminism, beekeeping, and healthcare technology. You know, the usual.…

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    A Sunny Outfit Saved for a Rainy Day

    With thunderstorms in the forecast all week, I thought I’d share a sunny outfit to brighten up a rainy day. I bought this dress last summer when I was in Dublin, where it never actually got warm enough for me to wear it. So, I was extra excited to break it out this summer back at home. It’s from the brand Louche, who carries a lot of easy day dresses in really fun patterns. I was kind of skeptical of this dress on the rack, but loved the fit when I tried it on. The flare on the skirt is really flattering and sleeves are almost bell sleeves – the…

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    Cheers to a Great Apartment + A Twist on A Classic

    My mom moved into Chicago when I was in college and it was a big step for both of us. She was leaving my childhood home for the big city and I remember being a little nervous and sad to see our life in the suburbs disappear. But we completely fell in love with the area, my mom easily made friends in her building (including this guy), and it started to feel like home pretty quickly. I think it’s fair to say we both grew up a lot while she was living here and her life here has really made me consider moving back to Chicago sometime soon. Is it so…

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    An Ode to the Romper

    To me, the romper is the ultimate summer piece. Light for those super hot days, easy to throw on, and a little bit unexpected. I love me a good sun dress (and there’s a good one coming to the blog soooon!), but I feel more myself in a romper. I wore this outfit to church and brunch on Easter Sunday with my family, but I might break it out again for the 4th of July (which is in like a month?! where has this year gone?). It’s got that patriotic color scheme going and it’s my favorite thing to wear when it’s too hot to function. I especially love this one…