The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland


This is by far one of my favorite spots in Dublin! Peaceful, tucked away, and completely gorgeous, the Dublin Botanic Gardens are a great way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re local or just in for the weekend. The gardens are home to two enormous greenhouses brimming with plants from all over the world: succulents, orchids, palm trees, prairie grasses, the list goes on and on.

Summer doesn’t get too warm around here (it’s July and 60 degrees), so my favorite spot has to be the tropics room. The air is humid and hot and reminds me of those super sticky summer days back home in the Midwest. I know most people hate the heat, but I have totally been craving it – this whole ‘temperate climate’ thing just feels so wrong!


I’ve never had much of a green thumb myself (in fact, I can barely keep a cactus alive…) but I’ve always loved a lush garden. One of my first memories is playing in the enormous hydrangea bushes in front of our house and walking barefoot through the dirt in our garden. The city can be great and I love that there is so much to do, but I’d swap a concrete jungle for a real one any day.

I seriously can’t recommend a visit to the Botanic Gardens enough. And if you’re around, there’s no excuse: they’re completely free and open to the public with several bus lines running right out to them. Every time I get out there, I’m always kicking myself that I don’t visit often enough! They’re at the top of my list. 🌿


Check ’em out! Visit information:

Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-6 Saturday & Sunday. Buses 83a, 40, and 140 all have stops either at Glasnevin Cemetery or Botanic Avenue within walking distances of the gardens. Admission is free!

Get your nature on and enjoy!


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