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My Favorite Summer Beers, the Leggings I Bought at 4am, and the Latest Feminist Hashtag

Happy weekend, everyone! I have to say it’s been a mix of a week: I hung out with my nephew and have some fun new blog projects in the works, but the job search was particularly tough this week. It’s so hard not to get your hopes up sometimes! So, this weekend I’m planning on letting myself relax, crying and watching season 2 of Queer Eye, and reminding myself that I’m a smart and competent human.

Also, quick reminder that its Fathers Day this weekend! My dad is out of town, but I’ll be babysitting for my brother so he can get a little break from dad duty in order to celebrate. And if you’re in Chicago, stay cool this weekend! It’s supposed to be in the 90s 😱

Here are some bits from around the web, if you’re looking for a little weekend reading:


Props to Haim for firing their manager after finding out a male artist was being paid TEN times as much to play at the same festival. (via my brother)

I ordered these leggings in a bout of insomnia the other day lol.  They’re made from recycled water bottles in ethical factories and come in beautiful colors like powder blue and cherry red. Here’s to hoping they’re as good as they looked at 4 in the morning!

Everything you ever wanted to do on a date when a guy won’t shut the hell up. (via old theater friend Annabelle Attanasio)

Running this messy 5K with my mom this weekend!

Loved this post on making friends as an adult. It’s so hard! I’ve definitely had the most success reaching out to old friends on social media, meeting people through mutual friends, and talking to people in line! It can be awkward at first, but it’s totally worth it.

In case you need a Tonys inspired laugh: Cher playing every part of West Side Story. 😂 (Also, check out this week’s blog post for some awesome shows in Chicago, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend.)

Been really into fruit beers lately: this grapefruit radler and this watermelon wheat beer are my faves.

Really interesting examination of society’s love for ‘dead girl’ crime narratives written by a former professor of mine, if you’re into true crime. (via Dr Clare Clark)

Have you been following the #ImmodestWomen hashtag?


[Photo from last year’s trip to Japan.]

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