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Weekend Vibes // The Week of September 15

House Madison Wisconsin

Hey guys, hope you’ve had a good week! I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days and left a lot of stuff around the house undone so I’ll be channeling my inner domestic goddess this weekend. I’m hoping to get outside a good bit, though, since it will probably be one of the last nice weekends for a while. 😭 I might head to Live on King Street tomorrow night and then plan to go out with some friends on Saturday, too, so it’ll be nice to get out of the house. I rounded up a few bits from around the web for you, if you’re interested…

A friend said this hotel that rents fish to lonely people reminded her of me. Thanks girl…

9/11 is such a tough and complicated day for a lot of people. This video haunts me every year and this is an important reminder of how life changed for many after the attacks.

There’s been such a variety of responses to Hillary Clinton’s new book. Although I admire her for writing about defeat while it’s still so fresh, it seems like a pretty thorough piece of propaganda (and revenue). Interesting takes here and here.

But at least we’re making some progress, even if it’s only in stock photos.

Former Veep and major DILF, Joe Biden, paid a visit to my alma mater, Trinity College Dublin, yesterday and looked fly as hell.

In #BachelorNation news, who the eff is the new Bachelor? Also having mixed feelings about the new spinoff, Bachelor: Winter Games. I feel like things are sort of falling apart over there…

In other TV news, I’ve gotten really into Peaky Blinders this week. A lot of strong female characters and I’m a sucker for an Irish guy who looks like he’s been punched in the face.

Plus, my favorite moments from NYFW:

Go sit in the sun with a beer and have a nice weekend!

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