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Weekend Vibes // The Week of February 9

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m off to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight and then have a full weekend of sleeping, working out, and doing not much else.We got a pretty big snow here in Madison last night (pictured above) and I’m just getting over a sinus infection this week so I’m pretty excited to lay low and watch a lot of skiing. Any fun plans for the weekend? Would love to hear. Here’s a few things that fascinated/made me laugh/brought me joy this week…

New York Fashion Week has begun! Some of my highlights so far (even though it started on Wednesday):

Been seeing these Allbirds sneakers on everyone. I originally went to take a look at the white pair, but I love the heather color for spring. They’re soft, wool sneakers and from what I hear they’re the perfect sockless shoes, which is always my jam.

Have you read the insane Quincy Jones interview yet? The sheer volume of references they make will make your head spin, not to mention the bonkers things Jones says like “Marlon Brando would fuck a mailbox.” Also, shoutout to my fellow Pisces for making us all look crazy.

The Onion always getting it right. And of course Nancy Pelosi did the whole 8-hour speech (the longest in House history) in 4-inch heels.

A friend posted this map of Queer experiences this week – it’s such a mix of significant and everyday moments, joy and heartbreak. I wish I knew the full story for each little snippet.

After living outside of Philly for four years, I’m happy they won the World Series. But mostly I’m happy they won because I think Eagles fans would have destroyed Philly if they hadn’t.

Erotica for feminists: “I meet a scientist on Tinder. They go on and on about their biggest professional achievement — the serum that made Ruth Bader Ginsburg immortal. It drives me wild. I don my naughtiest jabot and my sex gavel.”

Just upgraded my Hulu account to include Live TV for the Olympics! It’s $40 for the month, but that feels totally worth it to me for a continuous stream of ice dancing, curling, speed skating, and biathlon (cross country skiing and rifle shooting, obviously).

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